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* The financial consulting advice provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee the future performance of investments or the success of any strategies recommended.

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PKR Investments was founded on November 19, 2009 as a financial consulting company that offers independent and unbiased advice to help you reach your financial goals. We use a holistic approach in our financial planning process to help you make the best decisions to most efficiently achieve your goals.

Unlike other financial planning and investment companies, PKR Investments acts solely as a third-party consultant. We are completely independent from every product and service we recommend which allows us to keep your interests as our top priority. Our only goal is to make sure we make the right decisions for our clients.

We specializes in two areas: Financial Planning and Investment Recommendations.










Investment Recommendations
can be received in one of two ways:

PKR Investments also provides an Economic/Market Update and our Top 5 Speculative Stocks







The Top 5 Speculative Stocks are our top five recommendations for stocks that we believe could greatly outperform the market in the short-term. These stocks are usually volatile and should be bought and sold at specific times. This list is for clients that are looking for short-term gains and are willing to accept the risk.

PKR Investments offers unbiased, independent answers to your financial questions. Contact us today

The Economic and Market Update

A quarterly report which focuses on what investors should expect in the upcoming quarter from our economy, the stock market, and the fixed income sector.  The report covers:

  1. Details on recent events that have affected these areas over the last few months
  2. Predicts what will occur in these areas for the upcoming Quarter
  3. Advises clients on what asset classes to invest in to best outperform the markets
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