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The Market Update is our custom quarterly report that informs you of current conditions in the financial markets. It includes our estimates and expectations for the economy and the stock market. It also tells you how you can most effectively profit from our predictions.

Our report is divided into two sections:




Below is an excerpt from the GDP area from our First Quarter Report for 2012




















Our Market Update tells our clients the exact levels in the stock market when to invest, the areas where they should be investing, and when to take profits. It is sent out at the beginning of every quarter to help guide investors on how to navigate the financial markets in both the current and future economic environments.

The Economy

Financial Markets

This section focuses on both current conditions in the stock market and expectations for where those markets will be in the future. 

Unlike most other economic reports that just give generic information, we believe it is important to be specific and to provide detailed guidance so your portfolio can appreciate at the most efficient pace.

Our report provides:

For example, in one report we advised our clients to overweight their exposure to stocks as we believed there was double-digit growth potential over the upcoming months

“We believe the market has pulled below a fair level from a valuation perspective because of unwarranted investor concerns and sentiment and now should continue to rise throughout the remainder of 2011.  We believe that the market will close 2011 at a level of 1,350 (13.1% higher than Tuesday, October 12th’s close of 1,194).”
- Excerpt from our Fourth Quarter report from 2011

Market Update Example
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