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Probability Simulation: We analyze your assets – evaluating returns on both your current and recommended portfolios – to assess the likelihood that they will last throughout your retirement.

Our Goal and How We Can Help: We evaluate your current portfolio and provide you with the best investment recommendations to help achieve our common goal: ensuring your assets will last throughout your retirement.

Why It Is Important: Every investor must make the right investment choices. Over the course of an investor’s lifetime, investments will have varying returns –appreciating in some years and losing value in others. 

How It Works:

Our Recommendation Process













Below is an example of Probability Simulation. At 64 percent, the recommended portfolio has a greater chance of assets lasting throughout retirement – as opposed to a 52 percent chance with the current portfolio.





















Probability Simulation Chart
Outcome: Percentage of times each scenario was successful in having your assets last throughout retirement -- for both your current and recommended portfolios.

Our goal is to
provide you with a percentage on the likelihood that your assets will last through retirement – taking into account varying investment returns scenarios including....

Creating a range of investments that are possible from now until retirement, including new opportunities

Matching other possible investment returns for each year of your retirement - create multiple scenarios to maximize all options

Probability Simulation Sample