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The Top 5 Speculative Stocks report provides the opportunity to invest a small piece of your portfolio in speculative stock plays that offer a potential for big returns.

We select and actively manage five speculative stocks that we believe will outperform the rest of the stock market. These stocks offer large capital returns in a short amount of time. They are selected from a list of over 500 stocks by screening the potential selections through five tests:







Finally, we take the highlights of the best stocks, compare them against each other, and the top five are selected.

Below is an excerpt from our First Quarter report of 2012. Here, we compared Apple (AAPL) and Boeing (BA). Apple made our list as our #1 selection and Boeing did not make the list.




The Top 5 Speculative Stock report offers clients an opportunity to invest in a five speculative stock positions that have the potential for large returns. 

Investors should not invest more than 10% of their portfolio in these speculative positions as high risk of capital loss accompanies their high potential for return.  Investors should use speculative stocks as a piece of a well-diversified portfolio.  Please consult our Financial Planners or your own financial advisor on how to integrate these stocks into a well-diversified portfolio.

We analyze over 500 stocks and pick our Top 5 Speculative Stock list:

1. We eliminate all stocks that do not have the fundamental requirements. 
2. Valuation figures are used to determine if the stock is overlooked and/or undervalued.
3. We use technical analysis to assess the trading pattern and determine if the stock is currently in an overbought or oversold position.
4. We use our PR Valuation Model© to analyze every piece of the stock and determine the exact value, when to purchase, and when to sell. 

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